Wood Composite Panels for Disaster-Resistant Construction


A wood sheathing panel, suitable for use in building construction, includes reinforcement strips of fiber reinforced polymer material incorporated into the panel. The reinforcement strips cover an area that is within the range of from about 5 to about 50 percent of the surface area of the panel. The reinforcement strips of fiber reinforced plastic material can be incorporated in the perimeter of the panel, or can be incorporated into the corners of the panel. The spacing of the intermittently incorporated reinforcement strips can generally coincide with a standard spacing of framing members so that when the wood sheathing panel is applied to a building frame, the reinforcement strips are generally aligned with framing members of the building. Preferably, the reinforcement strips are sufficient to provide an increased ductility over an equivalent unreinforced wood sheathing panel in an amount within the range of from about 75 percent to about 500 percent.


US PATENT 6,699,575

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