Wave Rider Buoy with Integrated Motion Compensation for Remote Wind Sensing Equipment & Other Advanced Sensors


This buoy system has the capability of conducting offshore wind resource assessment campaigns with limited maintenance. The system has an autonomous power system with solar and wind power generation redundancy for variable site conditions. It is suitable for year round deployments with maintenance intervals of 6mos-1yr. The system is comprised of several assemblies including a wave following buoy hull with an integrated mooring bridle stand, central cylindrical hatch with extension for battery bank storage below the waterline to maintain battery storage temperature year round while simultaneously acting as stabilizing fixed ballast. The tower assembly houses the power generation equipment, met-ocean sensors, and LiDAR remote wind sensor with a passive motion compensation system. The motion compensation device is designed with customizable damping that can be adjustable for a variety of sea states.

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Kris Burton
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University of Maine
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Neal Pettigrew
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